• Protection spells
  • Healing spells
  • Blessings spells

The purpose of white magic is to help positively influence those you care about, as well as yourself. White magic spells offer spiritual help for blessing a new job; assist in healing the body and mind; protect people from hexes or curses, and help good wishes and dreams come true. Spells listed under the white magic category are only used for positive and uplifting means.

There are many ways that spells can provide you with spiritual help. That being said, you need to understand that by simply casting a spell is only part of the goal seeking process. For instance, if you cast a success spell in the hopes to get a job, you still need to look at job listings and apply for jobs. It’s highly unlikely that a job is going to come knocking on your door simply because you cast a spell.

In other worlds, spiritual help will improve your chances of gaining what you desire, but when it all comes down to it; you’re the only one who can make it happen by acting on your wishes.