White magic is defined as magic that is used for good. White magic is most commonly thought of as healing magic, or spells and rituals that aid people. White magic, healing or “good”, as opposed to Black magic see also Black magic paranormal. Real White Magic Spells that work can be used to protect, bless, heal, and help yourself or others. They can be used to bless or purify new ventures, clear and heal the mind and body, shield people and places from curses and hexes, turn back evil magic spells and incantations, reverse bad conditions, break jinxes, and allow good dreams and wishes to come true. Real White Magic Spells that work are all intended to be positive, uplifting, kind, beneficial, and gentle. White Magic Spells are designed to be defensive, helpful–never hurtful. The forms and components of black magic spells are different. They often reflect the focus, aims, or interests of those casting the spells, which is in stark contrast to the casting of white magic spells. The casting of black magic spells often incorporates symbolism of those things which could be interpreted as possibly hazardous or harmful to humans, such as sharp, pointed, caustic, and/or hot elements combined with personal objects from the spell’s focus (a lock of hair, a drop or smear of blood, personal mementos, etc.). And while this distinction is primarily observable in folk magic, it can pertain to other forms of magic also.

Black Magic —Where black magic is used to harm people, white magic is sometimes defined by the intent behind it. According to some schools of thought, a spell or ritual can be either black or white–the difference is the intent with which it is conducted

Function of white magic-

White magic spells are often spells that will enhance beauty heal illnesses, increase luck, and alter the weather to create sunny days, protect a home or individual, banish evil and hold demons at bay.

Practitioners- Those who practice white magic often refer to themselves as priestess, priests, clerics, shamans and witches.

Features of white magic- White magic spells often contain an element that includes talismans or amulets in the casting.